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    • Sonesse range is putting window coverings in motion with quiet precision.
      The compact, low-profile motor Sonesse 30 is easily concealed within headrails, cassette systems or smaller pocket sizes.
    • Characteristics

    • Applications: Interior blind, Projection screen
    • Power supply: DC - RGE 8 24V
    • Speed: 25 rpm
    • Approval: CE, UL
    • Insulation class: III
    • Protection Index: IP 30
    • Diameter: 30 mm
    • Minimum internal diameter: 29 mm
    • Thickness: 8 mm
    • Technology compatibilities: RTS
    • Range: SONESSE
    • Range details: DC
    • Torque: 2 Nm
    • Product benefits:


      - Seamless integration to match any interior decor

      • Thin round head for smooth transition into shade and tube profile
      • Smaller light gap to minimize light leakage
      • Interchangeable head color (white, black and grey) to match fabric and hardware style and color

      - Recessed interchangeable strong and reliable metal adapterplate to adapt to all hardware style and color

      - Fit small diameter tubes (suitable for internal diameter 31 mm or more) ideal for small window and maximize viewable window area

      - Low voltage 24VCD power for safe and easy wiring


      Choose the right speed according to your blind : adjustable speed from 6 to 28 rpm


      - Programming button on motor head allows for push button control

      - Visual feedback via integrated LED


      - Simple Dry Contact programming by DCT setting tool

      - Visual feedback of the product to confirm any step of setting and programming

    • Type: Motors

Sonesse 30 DCT 2/25

SKU: 1241146
VAT Included
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