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    • The Sonesse 28 WF RTS Li-Ion is a surprisingly quiet, easy-to-fit wire free motor. Designed for use with roller, roman, zebra and sheer horizontal shades, it features a rechargeable built in Li-Ion bater for easier maintenance and a sleek design.
      Main Functionalities
      • For medium size blinds
      • Designed for silence
      • Built in battery motor
      • White thin head for discreet blending
      • Soft start & soft stop
      • Battery LED feedback indicator
      • Adjustable speed
      • Compatible with Modulis/VAR functions
    • Characteristics

    • Applications: Interior blind
    • Number of channels: 12
    • Radio Frequency: RTS 433.42 MHz
    • Range in house: 20 m
    • Range in open field: 200 m
    • Power supply: NOT APPLICABLE
    • Speed: 28 rpm
    • Approval: CE, EAC
    • Insulation class: III
    • Protection Index: IP 20 (for indoor use only)
    • Diameter: 28 mm
    • Minimum internal diameter: 27 mm
    • Technology compatibilities: RTS
    • Range: WIREFREE
    • Torque: 1.1 Nm
    • Product benefits: Benefits for professionals
      • Can motorize a wide range of roller blinds
      Easy Installation
      • No wires, nor external batteries
      • Sleep mode to prevent the motor from unwanted pairing
      Easy Re-setting
      • Programming button and LED on motor head interface
      • Up and down end limits set via transmitter
      Benefits for end-users
      Daily comfort
      • Quiet operation
      • Smooth motion with adjustable speed
      Aesthetic integration
      • Discreet design, no wires nor external batteries
      Easy use and maintenance
      • Rechargeable battery
      • Low battery LED indicator on motor head interface
      Safety and reliability
      • No electrical wires nor cords, free from danger of strangling
      • Somfy quality and warranty
    • Type: Motors


SKU: 1003296
VAT Included
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