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  • 5-channel RTS protocol remote control for controlling blinds, blinds, shutters, heating or lighting equipped with the RTS protocol.

    The Situo 5 RTS remote control has an up button, a down button and a my button, which serves as both a stop button and a preset position button. The Situo 5 RTS is suitable for individual control of 5 separate shutters, blinds and screens that are equipped with the RTS protocol. However, it cannot control products equipped with the io protocol.


    • Can control 5 blinds/applications or a group of applications
    • Base station with Up / My / Down buttons
    • With the «my» function you can save your favorite position of that application and easily call it up via the «my» button
    • Supplied with wall bracket
    • RTS protocol


  • Applications: Awning, Curtain, Exterior Vertical Screen, Heating, IB+, Interior blind, Lighting, Projection screen, Rolling shutter
  • Number of channels: 5
  • Radio Frequency: 433.42 +/- 100 MHz
  • Range in house: 20 m
  • Range in open field: 19.81 m
  • Approval: CE
  • Thickness: 16 mm
  • Color / Finish: White(Pure)/Iron/Natural
  • Technology compatibilities: RTS
  • Range: SITUO
  • Range details: SITUO
  • Product benefits:
    • Easy to install and program:
      - The prog. Button allows to instantly pair motorized application with remote control
    • New finishes for end users needs :
      - Now available in White(Pure)/Iron/Natural

Situo 5 RTS

SKU: 1810631
PriceFrom £89.93
VAT Included
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